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Hop Culture - A Beginner’s Guide to Liquid Hop Terpenes: How Oast House Oils Is Changing Hops

Hops, hops, and more hops. For hundreds of years, they’ve been a key ingredient in beer. Known as Humulus Lupulus, the oils in this tiny flowering cone contribute both flavor and aroma. And, like beer itself, the technology around hops has come a long way, especially in the last decade. Today, we’ve seen innovations such as lupulin powder, Cryo hops, and custom hop blend shelp brewers produce better, more flavorful beer. And most recently, there’s a new hop technology helping brewers: liquid hop terpenes.

Westword - New Image Brewing Takes Fresh Hops to Another Level With Terpenes

He wanted to make a fresh-hop IPA using whole-cone hops that would be harvested and then flown to from Washington to Colorado, where they could be immediately dumped into his boiling kettle at New Image Brewing. But he also wanted to fashion the beer as a New England-style IPA, in which a significant portion of the hops wouldn’t be added to the cooled liquid until about a week later. This process, called dry-hopping, imparts powerful flavors and aromas to a beer, but without the bitterness often associated with IPAs. - Could Colorado Hop Terpenes Be the Latest in Brewing Innovation?

While it may sound more like genetic engineering than advancements in beer, what if you could isolate and amplify only the flavor and aroma compounds in hops and distill it down to liquid form? What’s being described is what is already being applied through hop terpene extraction, and it may be the next major leap in how hops are used in beer.

The Colorado Sun - Hop terpenes are redefining brewing. And Colorado is one of the only places to taste the revolution.

Aroma gushes from beer can. A pop of citrus. The dankness of pine. And even a hint of pineapple. 

The bouquet packed in Telluride Brewing’s rotating Colorado-style IPA series showcases how hops — those leafy cones depicted in so many brewery logos — can add an aromatic punch to beer. But the beer also represents what brewmaster Chris Fish calls a potential “revolution in brewing.” 

Telluride Brewing - Hop Terpene Technology for the WIN

A love story for the ages. When Chris Fish from Telluride Brewing Co and Station 26 used hop terpenes in their collaboration last summer, a light bulb went off. Never before had either group utilized hop terpene technology before, and the results were even better than anyone had expected.

Focus On The Beer - EP-078: Hop Terpenes with Telluride Brewing and Oast House Oils

Welcome to Focus on the Beer. I’m Ryan Hannigan.

Years ago, if you may remember, we posited that Colorado breweries were creating a new style of IPA. Back in 2014, FOTB’s very own Josh Howard wrote about the Colorado Wild IPA as a rising regional style. Many of the beers Josh mentioned still exist, yet the style didn’t catch on. Could it be that the Colorado beer scene was just waiting for a more exemplary style? Perhaps. - Telluride Brewing Co Introduces Hop Terpenes in Their First Short Run Series – Galloping Juice

TELLURIDE, CO – Telluride Brewing Company introduces their first ever canned short run series – ​Galloping Juice​- a collaboration with Oast House Oils. Juicy, but clear, each Galloping Juice limited edition Colorado Style IPA is brewed with hop terpenes, a true breakthrough in the craft brewing industry. The first release, Cashmere Hop Edition ships today and is scheduled to hit shelves, bars and restaurants statewide on November 11th with just a 500 case run.

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