Oast House Oils Fusion Premium Hop Terpenes

FUSION : Premium Hop Terpenes

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Product Attributes

Increased Shelf Life
Hop extracts have a significantly increased shelf life when compared to pelletized hops, 3+ years versus 1 year, allowing for more consistent production year-round.

Ingredient Utilization
Extracted hops achieve the same or greater aroma profile while reducing raw material usage by up to 70%.

Decreased Storage Requirements
Extracted hops reduce the space requirement for cold storage of pelletized hops by as much as 95%.

Solvent Free
By utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) technology, we are able to produce safe, high purity extracts free of contamination and residual solvent.

Standard Products

Fusion : Premium Hop Terpenes (available now).

Plasma : Whole Hop Extract (coming soon).

Citrus, Fruit, and Natural Ingredient Extracts (coming coon).

Contract Processing

Oast House Oils offers the ability to transform your hops into shelf stable extracts and decrease the cost associated with storage of hops under contract or within your facility.

*Contact us to learn more about out processing your hops with Oast House Oils.