Oast House Oils Shorter Times

Utilization of Oast House Fusion as an alternative for cold side dry hoping provides near instant dispersion of flavor/aroma terpenes thereby eliminating the time required to reach equilibrium. Traditional static or recirculation dry hop processes take up to seven days.

Extracted hop terpenes facilitate accurate and consistent aroma control and ensure consistent year-round production. Our process was developed to extract hop aromatics in the ratios Mother Nature designed without exposure to excessive heat or solvents.

Pure hop terpenes eliminate the need to run off finished beer to clear the biomass prior to clarification, thereby increasing the productivity. Typical IPA’s see a 10-15% yield increase of finished beer instantly.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of aromatic compounds is a sustainable process that decreases carbon emissions by maximiz-ing the utilization of crops. By reducing the ingredients required per batch, there is less freshwater usage and emissions from farm equipment. In addition, avoid-ing the biomass runoff process decreases the burden on wastewater plants through the elimination of TDS spikes.

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